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Duck Egg - Artisan Natural Chalk Finish
Duck Egg - Artisan Natural Chalk Finish
Artisan Paint Company

Duck Egg - Artisan Natural Chalk Finish

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More green than blue, this delicate shade is warm and ideal paired with warm whites and creams for a modern country feel. Green blue with a hint of warm grey. Left in a chalky finish, or gently waxed, this is the ideal colour for a simple piece of furniture. It also looks great when distressed. Available in our environmentally friendly, natural and high tech chalk paint.

Matt chalk style paint for furniture and feature walls

Features                                                                Benefits

Low VOC                                             Minimal odour, environmentally friendly

Water based                                       Easy application, easy clean up

Latest Paint technology                      Glides on, minimal brush marks, velvety smoothness

Quality natural pigments                    Unsurpassed coverage, gorgeous natural colours


Artisan Natural Chalk Finish is the perfect paint for furniture painters.  The unique formulation combining chalks and natural pigments allows for a wide variety of looks and techniques to be achieved. May be used on a variety of substrates such as raw and finished timber, plaster, metal and plastics with minimal preparation. Ideal for feature walls and decorative pieces.

To protect the finish and complete the distressed look,  seal the surface with either Artisan Wax, Artisan Liquid Wax, Artisan Flat Matt Sealer or Artisan Glaze. The use of coloured waxes and glazes will add a more aged patina to the final finish.

Artisan Natural Chalk Finish can also be used with Artisan metallics and Instant Age to give additional creative looks. 

Safety and Environmental Care

Artisan Natural Chalk Finish is an environmentally safe water based product however personal safety precautions are recommended when preparing surfaces, painting and sanding.