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Seaside - Fusion Mineral Paint
Seaside - Fusion Mineral Paint
Seaside - Fusion Mineral Paint
Seaside - Fusion Mineral Paint
Fusion Mineral Paint

Seaside - Fusion Mineral Paint

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Its name speaks for itself. Seaside is the perfect deep coastal blue.

Works beautifully on its own or with neutrals…think white seashells, sandy shores, and deep blue oceans. The perfect trio.

Fusion Mineral PaintTM is made with high quality ingredients, including a durable built-in top coat that cures to a washable matte sheen.

When you combine the very best paint, with the very best brushes, perfection comes easily!

Base : waterbased
Coverage : approx 75 sqft per 500 mL
Finish/sheen : matte 

Clean up : water
Dry time : 
30 min approx
Recoat time : 1-2 hours approx
Cure time : 21 days approx


How to clean surface:
Mild soap and water

Can be used over
Most wax-free surfaces; tricky surfaces with use of Ultra GripTM

Can be painted over:
After re-coat time

How to use:
Prep, Paint, Done!



Less is more when it comes to how much paint to have on your tools.

Dip your brush into the paint a maximum of halfway up the bristles, remove excess paint so it is barely visible on the brush. Paint from one end to the other, avoid brushing back and forth too much as the paint will start to dry, as it dries your brush will create texture, aka brush marks on your surface.

Apply multiple thin coats to avoid brush strokes. Brush or roll from one end to the other to avoid start and stop marks.

Add extender if your climate is dry as your paint may create texture during application. Extender allows for a longer working time before the paint dries.


  • Too much paint on your brush
  • Incorrect brush (natural bristle leaves more texture)
  • Brushing back and forth in the same spot – the paint starts to dry while your doing this which will create texture and brush strokes quickly
  • Climate – if its too dry, add extender to the paint for longer open working time